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ASEBA-Web includes web-based entry, processing, scoring, reporting, cross-informant comparisons and storage of data. It can be used for:

  • CBCL 1.5-5
  • C-TRF 1.5-5
  • LDS
  • CBCL 6-18
  • TRF 6-18
  • YSR 11-18
  • ASR 18-59
  • ABCL 18-59
  • OASR 60-90+
  • OABCL 60-90+
  • Brief Problem Monitor (BPM)

ASEBA-Web cannot be used for the DOF, TOF or SCICA.

This is a subscription service that is renewable on an annual basis and requires e-units to administer, score and report assessments via the web.

Functions of ASEBA-WEB

  • Securely stores your data
  • Print paper forms from ASEBA-Web, for manual completion by informants
  • Key enter data taken from paper forms
  • Fully administer ASEBA to clients and informants online
  • Send request letters to informants to complete forms directly from ASEBA-Web
  • Easily export raw/scored data from ASEBA-Web to SPSS or Excel
  • Easily exports data as PDF files or TIFF files
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox & Safari
  • Available e-units can be viewed at any time
  • Data can be exported to ASEBA-PC Software
  • Score data on ASEBA scales in relation to multicultural norms for ages 1.5-5, 6-18 and 18-59 (plus MFAM)
  • Obtain cross-informant comparisons for ages 1.5-5, 6-18, 18-59 and 60-90+. MFAM cross-informant comparisons of scores from the CBCL 6-18, ASR & ABCL also available.
  • Will automatically provide a personal home page for each informant with access to all their forms
  • New - use a variety of optimised screen sizes (i.e. most tablet devices)

E-Unit Charges

E-units will be deducted from the account for the following functions:

  1. Creating a form for online completion by a client
  2. Printing a paper form for manual completion by a client
  3. Key entering data from a paper form
  4. Scoring a form to produce profiles and a narrative report

ASEBA-Web Tutorial Videos

ASEBA-Web tutorial videos are available to guide you through set up, and all main functions. Click here to view the videos.

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