Articulation Skill Strips

L and L Blends

Author(s) : Rynette R. Kjesbo

Publisher : Super Duper Publications, 2019

SKU : 823AAD

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Articulation Skill Strips - L and L Blends contains 96 double-sided photo/illustrated cards to help students practice L and L Blends at four levels: words, phrases, sentences, and conversation.

Sounds include (with 16 target words per L sound):

  • Initial L
  • Medial L
  • Final L
  • L Blends (BL, FL, GL, KL, PL, SL, Final L Blends)
  • L Combinations,

Each level builds on the targets practiced in the preceding level. The humorous scenes will keep students engaged and offer multiple opportunities to practice the target sound.

Articulation Skill Strips - L and L Blends includes 96 double-sided photo cards, 192 photo words, 144 photo phrases, 96 photo/illustrated sentences and 48 photo/illustrated scenes in a sturdy box.

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Rynette R. Kjesbo