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Aptitude Profile Test Series - Occupational (APTS-O)

Author(s): George Morgan, Andrew Stephanou and Brian Simpson
Publisher: ACER Press, 2000


Purpose: To assess a range of reasoning skills including Verbal, Numerical, Abstract and Spatial

Time: 30 minutes per module

Administration: Individual and group

The Aptitude Profile Test Series - Occupational (APTS-O) modules measure verbal, quantitative, abstract and spatial-visual reasoning skills, which are important indicators of a person’s potential for growth and development in education, training and the workplace.

Each module can be used separately or the entire battery can be used for a more comprehensive assessment.

A more detailed description of the modules is presented below:

  • Verbal Reasoning – Assesses verbal abilities with verbal analogy, semantic comprehension and vocabulary tests
  • Quantitative Reasoning – Assesses abstract numeric, short word problems and problems requiring more extensive problem solving and information processing to find the correct solution
  • Abstract Reasoning – Assesses ability to reason in an abstract context in which one or more rules must be identified
  • Spatial-Visual Reasoning – Assesses the ability to mentally manipulate objects and to imagine how they would look from different perspectives

The APTS-E is for school use only. An organisational verison is available - the APTS-O.

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Author(s): George Morgan, Andrew Stephanou and Brian Simpson