Aptitude Profile Test Series - Educational (APTS-E)

Author(s) : George Morgan, Andrew Stephanou and Brian Simpson

Publisher : ACER Press, 2000


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Aptitude Profile Test Series-Educational (APTS-E) Verbal Reasoning Test


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Purpose: Assess proficiency in a number of key intellectual areas that are highly relevant to success in education and many occupational areas

Range: Year 9-11 students

Time: 30 minutes for each test

Administration: Group

The Aptitude Profile Test Series - Educational (APTS-E) provides schools with a means to assess student proficiency in four key areas:

  1. Verbal reasoning: Tests two kinds of verbal analogy (matching words which best describe a feeling or concept, and matching pairs of words), semantic comprehension (linking similar meanings in proverbs or sayings), and vocabulary (linking words that are the closest in meaning).
  2. Quantitative reasoning: Tests three areas – abstract numeric reasoning (fractions, percentages), short word problems, and problems that require more extensive reading, comprehension and processing of information to find the correct solution.
  3. Abstract reasoning: Assesses the ability to reason in an abstract context in which one or more rules must be identified. The module challenges test takers to identify hidden rules that underlie patterns and sequences of patterns, presented in one or more dimensions.
  4. Spatial-visual: Tests the ability to manipulate objects in the mind and to imagine how they would look from different perspectives. It involves three kinds of questions – two-dimensional objects/pattern flipping, three-dimensional objects involving maps and side views, and nets of cubes.

The APTS-E can be used in assessment for career planning and development, and for identifying students for special programs.

Key Features

  • Australian norms for Years 9, 10 and 11
  • Results help inform subject selection
  • Complete battery – can be used individually, or in any combination
  • Assesses basic cognitive abilities with little dependence on formal school learning
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George Morgan, Andrew Stephanou and Brian Simpson

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