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Anna the Goanna and other poems

ISBN13: 9780855756161
Author(s): Jill McDougall and Jenny Taylor
Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press, 2008
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Anna the Goanna provides rare insight into the richly textured lives of contemporary Indigenous children.

The poems are rhythmic and memorable, with a jaunty beat and designed especially for school performances and presentations.

Cheeky dogs, slippery snakes and crocodiles with big smiles join Anna in this collection. With warmth and respect, you're taken into the children's lives as they camp under the stars, go hunting for tucker and play footy in the dust.

Suitable for Grades K-6

Author(s): Jill McDougall and Jenny Taylor
About the Author(s):

Jill McDougall has lived and taught for many years in Australian Indigenous communities, from Palm Island in the east of Australia to the Great Sandy Desert in the west. She began writing for Aboriginal children in order to provide classroom reading material which reflected the daily experiences of her students.

Jenny Taylor has lived in Central Australia since 1994 and has worked with artists and families in a number of Aboriginal communities. She currently works in adult education, at the Institute for Aboriginal Development in Alice Springs, and maintains her own art practice.