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Publisher: ACER Press, 2006
SKU code: EP026
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The ACER Test of Abstract Reasoning (TAR) is a test of abstract (or non-verbal) reasoning. It is a relatively language-free assessment, used as a measure of general ability for selection into occupations with a moderate to high demand on reasoning and where the ability to think clearly to solve problems is important.

The ACER TAR can be administered as a Short Form (45 items - easier of the two assessments) or a Long Form (60 items - more challenging assessment).

The ACER TAR Manual provides information on:

  •     Description of the tests and their uses
  •     Test Options (Short Form and Long Form, Paper or Online Administration)
  •     Directions for Administration
  •     Scoring and Reporting
  •     Interpretation of TAR Reports
  •     Case Examples

This is a PDF copy of the Manual (a hard-copy is also available if preferred). The PDF will be made available to you after your purchase.

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