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Bring Your Own Technology: The BYOT guide for schools and families

Bring Your Own Technology: The BYOT guide for schools and families

Author(s): Mal Lee and Martin Levins

Publisher: ACER Press 2012

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This book is designed to provide teachers and parents alike an insight into the bring-your-own-technology (BYOT) revolution sweeping across entire school communities in Australia, the US and UK, and explain the immense implications of these developments.

In time all schools in the developed world will move to students using their personal mobile technology in class, rather than it being provided by the school. It is not a case of if, but when. BYOT is like a tsunami coming across the horizon. The forces impelling the change and the potential educational, social development, economic, technological and political opportunities opened by the development will not only bring about its introduction but will soon fundamentally change the nature of schooling, teaching, the technology used, home-school relations and the resourcing of schools.

The potential implications of the development are immense. BYOT is far more than a technical change. However its full potential will only be realised by schools, their leadership and their communities collaborating astutely to achieve the normalised 100% student use of the technology. That challenge will be considerable. This book, drawing on the work of the pathfinding schools and education authorities in the UK, US and Australia, is designed to provide teachers and parents alike an insight into:

  • Why the development needs to be embraced
  • The imperative of authentic collaboration between home and school
  • What each school needs to do to ready itself
  • How to deal with the raft of options
  • The kind of whole school community implementation strategy required
  • The practicalities of achieving sustained total student usage and the many dividends that will then flow.

To help further that understanding join the authors at the BYOT blog at

About the authors

Mal Lee is an author and educational consultant specialising in the use of digital technology in the evolution of schooling. He is a former director of schools and secondary college principal who writes extensively on effective use of use of technology in teaching. He is the co-author of Leading a Digital School, The Use of Instructional Technology in Schools, The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution and Developing a Networked School Community.

Martin Levins is Director of Information Technology at The Armidale School. A pioneer in the use of the digital in teaching in Australia Martin for the last two decades has been one of the gurus in the use of Apple technology in education. As the education columnist for MacWorld Martin continues to shape the astute use of Apple’s technology in teaching.

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Smarter use of home devices, Ainslie MacGibbon, 28 May 2012, The Sydney Morning Herald.

Find out more about BYOT as reported on NBC Nightly News (May 2012).

Visit ACER Interactive to read an article about the launch of Bring Your Own Technology at the Sixth National Leading a Digital School Conference.

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