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Ready, Set, Remember

Ready, Set, Remember

Author(s): Debney, Druce, Mense

Publisher: ACER Press, 2005

Ready Set Remember is a rich resource of information and activities for teachers with students who may have auditory processing difficulties. In order to listen well, a child must have adequate hearing, intact auditory processing skills and an ‘active listening’ mindset.

This book helps teachers identify children with auditory difficulties in the age-range 5–8 before referring them to an appropriate health professional. When the child returns to the classroom, Ready Set Remember then provides strategies and activities to encourage children’s confidence and improve the ability to efficiently and effectively remember auditory information by practising listening and sequencing tasks.

Section 1 of Ready Set Remember includes an introduction to:

  • hearing, auditory processing, active listening, short-term auditory memory and how to identify and assess children in the age range 3–7
  • factors affecting a child’s ability to remember
  • and relationships between listening, auditory memory and literacy.

Section 2 has over 30 activities and support materials, which have been used successfully by the authors over the past 20 years.

All activities are easy to fit into the daily classroom programme and each activity has a clear aim, simple instructions and requires minimal equipment.

Price: $44.95  
ISBN: 086431468X

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