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Progressive Achievement Tests in Science (PAT Science)

Publisher: ACER Press 2009

The Progressive Achievement Tests in Science (PATScience) is a thoroughly researched and nationally normed test to assess student achievement in scientific understanding from Years 3 to 10. The test questions are designed to assess science knowledge, scientific literacy and understanding of scientific principles, as well as their application.

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Additional Digital Resources for PAT users


The PAT Teaching Resources Centre is an online subscription-based portal designed to meet the needs of teachers that have conducted PAT assessments, the Centre provides tailored teaching programs and resources targeted to the achievement level of students. These tools allow teachers to use PAT results to inform teaching and improve student learning.

Note: These tests may only be purchased for School use by qualified Educational professionals.

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'For me, the greatest value in this material is not in identifying individual needs, but in auditing how your curriculum delivery is working – whether your students actually understand what is being taught... What the testing further clearly showed, though, is what was lacking in the science that had been delivered to these students, by me and those who came before me...

PATScience provides us with a test that’s easy to give, that’s easy to get marked, that’s easy to obtain various data for and that can show student progres­sion. It allows for monitoring of individual students as well as auditing courses. With all that in mind, it’s great to see that some­one has done the yucky part of the work for us, leaving us teachers to worry about providing the appropriate programs for our students and not messing around with datasheets.'

Carl Di Stefano, Science Teacher, St Joseph's College, Melbourne

Published in Teacher Magazine, December 2009

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