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KEY into inference

Author(s): Catherine Parkin, Chris Parkin and Brian Pool

Publisher: Triune Initiatives NZ 2002

KEY into inference is designed to teach inferential comprehension skills. It includes a user-friendly teacher’s guide with instructions, suggested extension activities and answers to all questions.

Graded photocopiable masters allow teachers to select material suited to the needs and ability levels of their students. Fiction and non-fiction material at every level recognises the differing demands each type of writing makes on readers.

The structure of KEY into inference enables students to begin with simple, single inferences contained in a sentence and to progress to paragraphs and complete texts, such as they would have to deal with in regular classroom or study situations.

Sentences enable the students to gain confidence, and to see how inference is translated to literal. By connecting the clues they can begin to see the pattern of inferred meaning.

Paragraphs bridge the gap between sentences and complete texts. They allow the consolidation of skills and the opportunity to increase confidence by handling more than one inferential concept within a single piece of writing.

Texts provide the opportunity to apply these skills to a complete narrative or topic.

KEY into inference is organised into three graded levels:
8–10 years, 10–12 years and 12–14+ years. It can also be used successfully with older students and adults.

Each level contains:

  • Between five and seven sets of sentences targeting when, where, what, who and why information (30 to 42 practise items in total). Level 2 also contains negatives and instructions. Level 3 contains double negatives.
  • Eight sets of paragraphs – both fiction and non fiction items (32 practise items in total)
  • Between 10 and 20 sets of texts – both fiction and nonfiction

Complete Kit includes a Teacher’s Guide, Photocopiable Masters and Answer Booklet

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