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Job Stress Survey (JSS)

Author(s): Charles D Spielberger, PhD, and Peter R Vagg, PhD

Publisher: PAR 1999

Purpose: To identify sources of stress in the workplace
Administration: 10-15 minutes – Individual and group
Scoring: Paper-based
Candidates: 18+ years of age


  • Assesses generic sources of work-related stress experienced in a wide variety of business, organisational, and educational settings
  • Stress levels can be compared among employees in different departments/divisions within the same organisation


The JSS consists of 30 items that describe job-related stressor events, which are rated according to both the perceived severity and the frequency of occurrence. The survey provides information about stressors

that adversely affect individual employees and groups of workers. The JSS consists of three scales based on all 30 items and six 10-item subscales:

  • Severity and Frequency Scales – average level of perceived severity and frequency of occurrence of the 30 stressor events
  • Stress Index – overall level of stress based on the combined severity and frequency ratings of all 30 stressor events
  • Subscales – components of occupational stress associated with the job itself (Job Pressure) and with lack of support from supervisors, coworkers, or the policies and procedures of the organisation (Lack of Organisational Support) 

The individual items provide information about the specific aspects of a particular job or work environment that may be good targets for job redesign, organisational change, or other interventions.

Job Stress Survey Sample Report

Requirements: Windows® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, 1.44MB 3.5" disk drive

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