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Author(s): Lindy Petersen with Allyson Adderly

Publisher: ACER Press, 2002

Stop Think Do is a bestselling social skills program. The program consists of 20 lessons at four different levels: 4–6 years, 6–8 years, 8–10 years and 10–12 years of age. Each lesson includes learning outcomes, required resources, structured teaching of the core concept or skill, age appropriate activities to practice the skills, and worksheets to reinforce each learning outcome.

Stop Think Do aims to:

  • Prevent adverse consequences resulting from poor social skills and peer friendships
  • Improve the social skills and peer friendships of children who already have problems
  • Develop cooperative classrooms and schools
  • Develop emotional intelligence, self-esteem and confidence through increased awareness, skills training and goal achievement
  • Empower students by teaching self-control, decision making and positive actions
  • Develop group skills including active participation, cooperation, organisation and leadership
  • Improve relationships through the use of a common language, problem-solving process, shared goals and regular feedback

Three colourful posters that trace the Stop Think Do problem solving sequence using a traffic light motif are also available.



Code / ISBN Title Price
A300HG Stop Think Do Social Skills Training Early Years of Schooling 4-8 $89.95
A800HG Stop Think Do Social Skills Training for Primary Years $89.95
200HG Supplement for Middle Years of Schooling Ages 12-15 $68.95
A442BK STOP and THINK Learning $34.95
A701HG STOP THINK DO - Extra Posters (Set of 3) $36.95
A900HG Stop Think Do School Pack $171.95
A998BK Social Savvy $20.95
405HG Stop & Think Friendship DVD $103.95
A902HG School Pack with DVD $259.95
A702HG Stop Think Do - Poster Combined (1 poster combining set of 3 posters) $14.95

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