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Child Sexual Behavior Inventory (CSBI)

Author(s): William N. Friedrich, PhD, ABPP

Publisher: Psychological Assessment Resources 1998

Purpose: To evaluate children who have been or may have been sexually abused

Candidates: 2-12 years of age

Administration: 5-10 minutes - Individual

The CSBI is a 38-item parent report measure of sexual behaviour in children that covers nine major content domains:

  • Boundary Issues
  • Sexual Interest
  • Exhibitionism
  • Sexual Intrusiveness
  • Gender Role Behaviour
  • Sexual Knowledge
  • Self-Stimulation
  • Voyeuristic Behaviour
  • Sexual Anxiety

The CSBI includes three clinical scales, which facilitate interpretation of test results:

  • CSBI Total scale - overall level of sexual behaviour the child exhibits
  • Developmentally Related Sexual Behavior (DRSB) scale - sexual behaviours that can be considered normative for child's age and gender
  • Sexual Abuse Specific Items (SASI) scale - sexual behaviours that can be viewed as relatively atypical for child's age and gender; such behaviours raise suspicion of possible sexual abuse

The mother (or primary female caregiver) writes directly in the test booklet, indicating how often she has observed each of the listed behaviours during the preceding six months.

The CSBI is intended for use with children who have been or who may have been sexually abused. To fully understand each child and ensure his or her safety, it is essential that the CSBI be used in combination with other clinical measures and procedures.

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