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Test of Auditory Processing Skills

Author(s): Nancy Martin & Rick Brownell

Publisher: Academic Therapy Publications 2005

Range: 4.0 to 18.11 years of age
Purpose: To assess auditory skills necessary for the development, use and understanding of language commonly used in academic and everyday activities.
Administration: Approximately one hour - individual

Key Features

  • Seamless coverage for ages 4 through 18 years
  • Measures what a person does with what is heard
  • Order of subtests reflects a developmental progression of tasks from easiest to most difficult
  • Intended to be used along with other tests as part of a battery

Assessment Content:

Nine subtests in the following four areas

  • Auditory attention (optional auditory figure-ground screener presented on CD at the start of the test session)
  • Basic phonological skills (Subtest 1: Word discrimination, Subtest 2: Phonological Segmentation, and Subtest 3: Phonological Blending)
  • Auditory memory (Subtest 4: Number Memory Forward, Subtest 5: Number Memory Reversed, Subtest 6: Word Memory, and Subtest 7: Sentence Memory)
  • Auditory cohesion (Subtest 8: Auditory Comprehension and Subtest 9: Auditory Reasoning)

Code / ISBN Title Price
492SW Auditory Figure Ground CD $33.95
500TAP TAPS Manual $89.95
600TAP TAPS Test Booklets - pack of 25 $144.95
990TAP Test of Auditory Processing Skills - Kit (Manual, 25 test booklets, CD) $259.95

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