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KEY into reorganisation

Author(s): Chris Parkin, Catherine Parkin and Brian Pool

Publisher: Triune Initiatives NZ 2003

Key into reorganisation has three levels:

Level One – Students with a decoding age of 8–10 years
Level Two – Students with a decoding age of 10–12 years
Level Three – Students with a decoding age of 12–14 years

Each level is designed to explicitly teach the skill of reorganising text.  Reorganisation is similar to literal comprehension in that the clues are found directly in the text. However, unlike literal, the clues are separated.  Reorganisation then, is the reading skill of reconstructing two or more pieces of information contained in the text to form a complete idea.

Model and practise paragraphs are provided for each of the six identified reorganisation sub-groups as well as for written conversation. Using the model paragraphs as a reference point, the paragraphs give students the opportunity to practise reorganisation within a framework that is non-threatening and comfortable. In this way they can build up confidence and see how reorganisation works

Each level contains:

  • Six sets of paragraphs of specific question types:
  1. Joined information
  2. Joined with referent
  3. Grouped information
  4. Grouped with referent
  5. Grouped with elimination
  6. Grouped with calculation
  • Four conversation practise items
  • Seven to nine sets of short texts – both fiction and non-fiction
  • Ten to 19 sets of longer text – both fiction and non-fiction

Complete Kit includes Copymasters Book and Guide and Answers Book

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