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  • Can I purchase online without a login?

    To purchase online with ACER you must have a login. If you have not used the ACER Shop Online before you will need to set up a login. Creating a login is simple and easy. Simply click the following to create your login (it should only take a few minutes). Create login

  • How can I set up a login with ACER?

    Setting up a login with the ACER Shop Online is easy:

    • From the main page of the shop, click on "Create login". Once complete you will be able to purchase goods


    • Place goods that you wish to purchase in your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. If you have not used the shop before you will automatically be asked to set up a login at this point.

    Setting up the login involves filling in your name, email address and selecting a username and password for future purchases. Once verified, your username and password will be emailed to you. Please keep these in a safe place, as you will need them for future purchases.

  • Can I set up a login even though I don't want to buy anything just yet?

    Yes, simply click on "Create login". Follow the prompts for a new customer.

  • I've forgotten my password. What do I do?

    If you have forgotten your password, simply click "My Details" at the top of the online shop screen. You will notice a section for existing customers, look below the login button, and click "Forgot your username/password?" - then type in your email address. You will be sent email with your password details included.

  • I've forgotten my username. What do I do?

    If you have forgotten your password, simply click "My Details" at the top of the online shop screen. You will notice a section for existing customers, look below the login button, and click "Forgot your username/password?" - then type in your email address. You will be sent email with your username details included.

    If you don't receive your details in email, please call ACER customer service on 1800 338 402 (Toll free) or +61 3 9277 5447 or email

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  • What's the best way to find an ACER product?

    You have two options to find a product on the ACER Shop Online

    1. Search Function
    2. Browse Function

    Search Function

    The search function will help you find a specific product. The ACER Shop Online search function has 6 main search areas:

    • All Fields - searches all fields listed below
    • Title - searches all titles available in the shop
    • Author - searches all authors available in the shop
    • Publisher - searches all publishers available in the shop
    • Code - searches on the ACER code for each item
    • ISBN - searches on all ISBNs listed in the shop

    If you know the title of the book you are searching for, use the search category Title and type the actual title into the text box closest to the GO! button. Then click GO!

    If this does not produce suitable results, change the first category to "All Fields" and type the title, author or other relevant details into the free text box and click GO!

    To browse through a range of books on the same subject area, click the drop down box that has "All Categories" in it. This will display a range of ACER product areas to search including: Education, Human Resources, Psychology, Parent Education, Mental Health and Speech Pathology. Once you have selected a category, click GO!

    Browse Function

    Simply click on one of the icons on the front page. This will take you to a comprehensive range of sub categories which you can then browse at your leisure.

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  • How do I use the online shop?

    First Time Users

    • Type in the name, author, or ISBN of the resource, in the search field at the top right of the Welcome screen. Click GO!
    • Scroll through the list provided until you find the resource you want to purchase.
    • Click the title to see more information and to purchase item
    • Click Add to Cart at bottom of screen
    • A green pop up box will let you know that this item has been added successfully to your shopping cart.
    • If at any time you would like to check the contents of your shopping cart, click View Cart at the top of the screen.
    • This View Cart option also gives you the opportunity to change the quantity of your purchase.
    • If you want to continue shopping, click << Continue Shopping; if you want to pay for your goods, click Proceed to Checkout >>
    • After clicking Proceed to Checkout >> scroll to the New Customers section and fill out your details. Items marked with an asterix (*) are compulsory fields and must be filled out. If you have an ACER account number, add this into the last field.
    • To proceed with your payment, you must accept our Terms and Conditions . We recommend that you read through these first by clicking on the words "Terms and Conditions". To accept the Terms and Conditions, check the box.
    • Click "Create login"
    • Now that your login is set up, select a delivery option then click proceed
    • Fill in your credit card details and click PAY
    • You will receive via email a tax invoice that acts as confirmation of your order. Please retain this tax invoice for any future queries.

    Experienced Users

    • If you have used the ACER Shop Online before, then simply click login at the top of the main page. Enter your username and password and click "Login".
    • Your delivery details will be retrieved automatically from your last visit.
  • How do I change the Quantity of my order?

    • Click View Cart, at any stage
    • Change the quantity in the Quantity box
    • Click Update
    • Click Proceed to Checkout to pay for goods or << Continue Shopping if you wish to purchase another product.
  • Can I visit a physical ACER bookshop?

    Yes. ACER has retail bookshops in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Drop in to browse our extensive range and receive expert professional advice.

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  • Is GST included?

    Yes, GST is included in all prices displayed on the ACER Online Shop. Once you have made your purchase you will receive a tax invoice that clearly distinguishes the amount of GST paid. Note: If you are ordering from outside Australia, you will not be charged GST.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    Yes, we accept all major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Diners Club.

  • I don't have a credit card, can I pay on account?

    If you are a school or a large organisation and would like to be invoiced, rather than pay by credit card, you need to ensure you have both an ACER Shop Online login and an ACER credit account. If you have previously set up a credit account with ACER this may also be known as your customer account number. To set up a credit account with ACER please fax an official Purchase Order from your organisation to Customer Service on 03 9277 5499. If your organization does not use Purchase Orders please contact Customer Service on 1800 338 402 or 03 9277 5447, or email

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  • When will I receive my order?

    All orders placed prior to 2.30pm EST will be delivered to all major metropolitan areas around Australia within 3-5 days. Deliveries to regional areas of Australia may take an additional 1-2 working days, depending on the location.

  • I have an urgent order, how can I ensure I receive it ASAP?

    If you have an urgent order, you may select one of the faster delivery options (if available). Or you may call one of our friendly ACER customer service staff on 1800 338 402 or +61 3 9277 5447. They will ensure you receive your order in the quickest possible time.
    Please note: there may be an additional charge for urgent delivery.

  • Can I choose a delivery method?

    Yes, there are three delivery methods to choose from, each differs in delivery time and cost. The choices are:

    1. Mail
    2. Road
    3. Air
  • Australian Delivery Terms

    Courier service within Australia is the priority pay, traceable door to door option for Australian delivery addresses. Your order is couriered via road and air transport by our courier company contracted to ACER.

    Deliveries other than Australia Post must be to an address accessible during business hours for our couriers.

  • International Orders

    Can I choose a delivery method?

    Yes, there are two delivery methods to choose from, each differs in delivery time and cost. These costs are calculated on weight of good and destination. The choices are:

    1. Airmail (Not traceable)
    2. Global Courier (Trackable Timed Delivery)
    All international orders are exempt of GST but Customs Duties may be applicable in some countries of destination. ACER cannot be held responsible for these duties and advises customers to check with your local authority on any additional shipping or customs duty.

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ACER Terms of Trade and Returns

  • ACER Account Terms and Conditions of Trade

    All ACER products are deemed firm sale and payment terms are 30 days.
    ACER is not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind in respect of a good purchased.

    ACER is not bound to accept returns unless the goods are of unacceptable quality; are not reasonably fit for purpose; does not match description; does not meet any ACER express warranties; has a defect in title or otherwise breaches a consumer guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law.

  • Return Policy

    Any return must be accompanied with a copy of the original invoice.
    The return must be returned by courier or registered mail. (for proof of delivery).
    Return cost must be met by the customer.
    ACER reserves the right to refuse the return if the goods do not arrive in mint condition and within thirty days of the invoice date.

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  • How can I register my qualifications with ACER?

    1. If the item you are purchasing has a qualification requirement please refer to the definitions of qualifications below and complete the online qualifications form. If you have already registered your qualifications with ACER, you are not required to do this again.

      Register qualifications online now.
    2. You may also download a printable version of the form here. Fill the form out and return by mail or fax to ACER Press. You will need Adobe Reader 5.0 (or later) to view this form. Print it out and fax (03 9277 5499) or post (ACER Private Bag 55, Camberwell, VIC, 3124) to ACER customer service.
  • What are the various restrictions on products?

    ACER tests are professionally developed assessment instruments that require specialised training to ensure appropriate and ethical use. Eligibility to purchase these tests, therefore, is restricted to individuals with specific training and experience in a relevant area of assessment. In order to purchase a restricted test or assessment tool you will need to register your qualifications with ACER.

    Tests purchased from ACER are for customer use only and are not to be resold.

    Some of the restrictions you see on ACER Shop Online products may include:

    P - Psychologists

    Warranting the highest level of test restriction, these tests are available only to registered psychologists, and probationary psychologists under the supervision of a registered psychologist. Confirmation of status from a supervisor is required. Note: subsumes all other qualifications except GMDS.

    Register qualifications online now.

    R - Restricted

    Available to individuals with a degree in Psychology or a related discipline from an accredited university, plus satisfactory completion of substantial graduate or post-graduate coursework in test interpretation, psychometrics, measurement theory, educational statistics or a closely related area. Alternatively, registration from an agency or organisation that requires appropriate training and experience in the ethical and competent use of psychological tests. Please indicate your area(s) of specialist training.

    Register qualifications online now.

    S - Specialist

    Available to professionals with a degree in psychology, health sciences, counselling, medicine and other specialist areas. Note: S qualified users may only purchase S tests from within their specialisation area.

    Register qualifications online now.

    M - Moderate

    Available to professionals with tertiary qualifications in human resources, personnel administration, psychology or other relevant discipline, or demonstrated equivalent experience. Tests in this category require some technical knowledge of test construction, use, administration and feedback.

    Register qualifications online now.

    T - Type accredited

    Use of Personality Type assessments requires a specific qualification for non-P qualifiers. ACER recommends professional training and accreditation for these instruments through the providers listed here. Individuals previously accredited for the MBTI® instrument are qualified to use these instruments.

    Register qualifications online now.


    Use of the Griffiths Mental Development Scales (GMDS) requires special accreditation and training.

    Register qualifications online now.


    Use of the EQ-i and EQ-360 requires special training and accreditation available through ACER Organisational Assessments. Please contact customer service for training dates.

    Register qualifications online now.


    Specialist training qualifications required. To purchase the ADOS or ADOS-2, professionals must complete specific ADOS training courses and are required to provide details of their specific qualifications.

    Register qualifications online now.


    Restricted electronic download products are available to approved customers with relevant qualifications only - please see the product page for details. Restricted electronic download products are not available for download immediately after purchase. Purchases will be approved by ACER Customer Service within one business day. Please contact ACER Customer Service on 1800 338 402 (toll free) if you have any queries.

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  • What screen resolution is required?

    To view the ACER Shop Online correctly your screen resolution should be set to a minimum of 1024 x 768.

  • What type of browser should I use?

    The ACER Shop Online can be viewed by most browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Safari.

  • What Bandwidth is required to use ACER Shop Online?

    The ACER Shop Online is accessible to all users connected to the internet, whether you use dial-up, ADSL or Cable. However the speed of your Internet connection will determine the speed at which you can search and view various ACER products. For best results, the ACER Shop Online should be used with an ADSL or Cable connection.

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  • About eBooks

    Which version should I buy?

    Our ebooks are currently available as EPUB files. You can read these on iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys, Kobos, Nooks and Sony Readers.

    Limited assessment products are available as PDFs, which can be read on all of the devices listed above, as well as on your desktop computer or laptop.

    File type - EPUB or PDF - is specified in the product title. Please make sure you check the file type you are purchasing, and that you have the appropriate device with which to access it.

    If you’re a Kindle user, or you want to read an ebook on your computer rather than an eReader, you will need to install a conversion program such as Calibre. (See How to open your EPUB on a desktop computer or other device).

  • How to download

    Where is my download link?

    We send a link to your downloads via email at the time of purchase. You can also log in to your account and access your ebooks from the ‘My Downloads’ tab.

    Can't find the email? Check your spam or junk folder (or even the deleted items folder) as your confirmation email may have been filed there.

    If you have checked these folders and it is still missing, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

  • How to download your eBook

    You can download your ebook immediately after purchase via the link in your order confirmation email.

    Once your payment is successfully processed, you will receive an order confirmation email with a link to your download page (this email will be sent from Can't find your email? Please check your spam or junk folder. If you have checked these folders and it is still missing, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

    All files must be downloaded within 60 days of purchase. You have five downloads to each of your purchased ebooks. An administration fee will be charged for any extensions to the 60-day time limit.

    If you are viewing this page with your iPad or iPhone, clicking the download link will automatically open a web browser, which counts as one of your five downloads. To open and save into your reader app (like iBooks, Adobe Reader, Goodreader, etc.) you need to tap the screen, and you will then be prompted to open the file using an app.

  • If you have downloaded an EPUB file to your desktop computer, here’s the best way to get it onto your iPad:
    1. Locate the file on your computer (try searching for the book’s title)
    2. Add the file to your iTunes library (File > Add To Library...)
    3. With iTunes open, connect your iPad to your computer
    4. On the left, click on your iPad device through iTunes
    5. Go to the 'Books' tab, check the box next to the book you purchased, and click 'Apply'
    6. Your iPad will sync with iTunes and, when finished, your ebook will be in your iBooks app
  • How to open your EPUB on a desktop computer or other device

    If you don't have an iPad or eReader of some sort, you can read EPUB files on your computer using a browser add-on like EPUBReader for Firefox, MagicScroll for Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer, or a conversion program like Calibre.

    If you have a Kindle, you will need to install a conversion program such as Calibre, to convert the EPUB file into the Kindle mobi format.

    Please note that to open an EPUB on a desktop or Kindle device, it is necessary to install an eReader program as specified above before you purchase and attempt to download.

  • How to open your PDF

    We recommend Adobe Reader to open PDFs on computers and handheld devices, but you can also use software and applications like iBooks, Goodreader and others. We recommend Adobe Reader because it is free, easy to download, useful for loads of websites and won't harm your computer software or files. To download or update for free, visit the Official Adobe website.

  • How to download audio files on your iPad or iPhone

    We recommend downloading large audio files onto your computer and then transferring the file to your device through iTunes, as Safari has problems with downloading and opening large files at the same time.

    If you wish to download and listen to the files directly on your iPad or iPhone, please follow the steps outlined below:

    1. Purchase the audio file in your ACER online account.
    2. In the App Store, search for Filer and download Filer Lite (free) or purchase and download Filer.
    3. Open Filer, select ‘Browse’ next to the browser bar and in the browser navigate to, login to your ACER online shop account and select the ‘My Downloads’ tab.
    4. In Filer, select ‘Download’ next to the browser bar and then in the browsing window click on the link next to the audio file name and Filer will download the zip file.
    5. [In Filer Lite, you will need to select ‘Menu’ and delete all other files and folders, except the zip file, before performing the next step]. Select ‘Menu’ and then the zipped file and choose ‘Unarchive’ from the pop-up options.
    6. The mp3 files will appear in the menu folder. By selecting each file, it will automatically begin playing.
    7. The files can be selected in Filer and saved in file hosting software like Dropbox.
  • Where is the file I downloaded? I can't find it on my desktop computer

    If you were not asked to specify a folder when downloading your file, then your ebook has been saved to a default 'downloads' folder. If you don't know where this lives on your hard drive, you can do one of two things - do a search using a keyword from the title, or download the ebook again using the link we sent you (each ebook can be downloaded up to 5 times). This time when you click on the download link, select the 'Save to disk' option and save the file to a folder on your desktop. If you have run out of downloads or are still experiencing difficulties, please let us know.

  • Where is the file I downloaded? I can’t find it on my iPad

    The first place you should look is your iBooks bookshelf. You can toggle between ‘Books’ and ‘PDFs’ in the ‘Collections’ menu here, and should find what you are looking for.

    You might also try swiping down or right from your menu screen (depending on which version of iOS you are running) to find the ‘Search’ tab. Searching for the name of the book here may locate it, if it is not in iBooks.

  • Looking for a PDF on an iPad?

    When you download a PDF in Safari you can choose to open it in an app other than iBooks. This effectively saves it to that app. PDFs can be saved to many apps, including iBooks, Abode Reader, Goodreader and others.

    If you have not yet opened the file, you can tap the ‘Open In’ text at the top right corner to move the file to the app of your choosing. If you close the file without moving it to a reader app, it will be deleted from Safari, and you will need to download it again.

    If you're still experiencing difficulties, please contact us or dial the number that's included on your invoice email - we will help you get the problem resolved as soon as we can.

  • I’m having trouble opening my PDF file on my desktop computer

    Remember that only a limited selection of our materials is available in PDF format.

    Try saving the PDF to your desktop rather than opening it straight away, then open it from its desktop location.

    Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. If the file downloads but does not open, it is likely that your PDF viewer needs updating. Our files are best suited to Adobe Reader 9.x (or higher) - if you are not sure which version you have, you can download the latest for free here: Adobe Reader

    Note that you can download each PDF up to 5 times, so please refer back to your order confirmation email to access the download link. If you are unable to find this email, please be sure to check your spam or junk folder before contacting us.

    Troubleshooting tips

    If your internet connection goes down, simply refresh the screen when it's back up and your download will continue.

    Alternatively, it might be an old version of a web browser that's causing the problem. Try downloading the file in a different web browser, or think about downloading the latest version of one of the following for free (it only takes a few minutes):

    Internet Explorer


    Google Chrome


    eBook Terms and Conditions

    1. You may download each ACER Press ebook or manual purchased by you up to five times. Unless advised otherwise, all files must be downloaded within 60 days of purchase. An administration fee will be charged for any extensions to the 60-day time limit. You may wish to use the additional downloads in case of technical errors, computer crashes, download restrictions or to create a personal back-up copy.
    2. Downloadable ACER Press ebook and manual purchases are not returnable or refundable.
    3. You may not share the files around. ACER Press ebooks and manuals are protected by the same copyright laws as our hardcopy products. Sending or making the files available to family, friends or strangers is illegal, as is posting a download link on the internet.
    4. ACER Press owns or holds licences for all rights to its digital content and no part of these products may be copied, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise (except as permitted here), without written permission from ACER Press.

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