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ACER Select

Publisher: ACER Press, 2003


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Purpose: To assess verbal and numerical reasoning

Time: Verbal: 15 minutes | Numerical: 20 minutes

Administration: Individual and group

Format: Online

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ACER Select assessments are intended as a measure of general ability for selection into occupations that involve a moderate to high level of demand on reasoning ability. The updated revision of ACER Select now includes Stage test formats and updated comparative groups.

ACER Select consists of three tests that provide various levels of difficulty for verbal and numerical assessment.

1.    General: technical, clerical and administrative, customer service and sales.
2.    Professional: professional positions that require a high level of reasoning ability, such as managers, engineers and marketing professionals.
3.    Stages 1 and 2: administrative, customer service and sales positions, technical, graduate recruitment, managerial or leadership roles.

ACER Select General and ACER Select Professional have two separate domains – Verbal and Numerical reasoning.

  • ACER Select General Verbal
  • ACER Select General Numerical
  • ACER Select Professional Verbal
  • ACER Select Professional Numerical

These tests can be used separately or together providing maximum flexibility in a range of recruitment needs. The ACER Select Professional tests are more difficult than the ACER Select General tests.

ACER Select Stage 1 and ACER Select Stage 2 have two separate domains – Verbal and Numerical reasoning.

  • ACER Select Numeric Stage 1 and Stage 2
  • ACER Select Verbal Stage 1 and Stage 2

ACER Select Stages enables a two-staged testing opportunity using comparable but different test forms. Stages 1 and 2 are used together to provide maximum flexibility in a range of recruitment needs. To guarantee accurate results, Stage 2 forms can only be assigned once Stage 1 form has been completed.

Updated comparison groups

Results can be compared to candidates in an extensive range of employment sectors, employment levels and educational levels, collated from 2012-16 data.

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