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ACER ConQuest 4 Extended Licence (Annual – sample sizes up to 1 billion) – Windows

Author(s): Adams, R.J, Wu, M.L, and Wilson, M.R. (2015)
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ACER ConQuest 4 is a computer program for fitting both unidimensional and multidimensional item response and latent regression models. It provides data analysis based on a comprehensive and flexible range of item response models (IRM), allowing examination of the properties of performance assessments, traditional assessments and rating scales. ACER ConQuest 4 also offers wider measurement and research community analysis procedures based on the most up-to-date psychometric methods of multifaceted item response models, multidimensional item response models, latent regression models and drawing plausible values.

The functionality of ACER ConQuest can be extended beyond 3000 cases and 100 items through provision by ACER, at its discretion, of an extended licence.

Application to ACER for an extended licence can be made in advance of the purchase of a standard licence or by users who already have a standard licence. To apply for an extended licence, please contact customer service at sales@acer.org. In your email, please provide details of your proposed use. We will respond with information regarding the approval of your request (and the next steps if you are yet to purchase a standard licence).

Before purchasing any ConQuest licence you will also need to have downloaded the installer for ConQuest 4 via https://shop.acer.edu.au/acer-conquest-installer-trial-windows.

Author(s): Adams, R.J, Wu, M.L, and Wilson, M.R. (2015)